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Praebibo Drinks Ltd was born out of a need for shots! – we had several nightclubs and bars where our handmade jelly shots were incredibly popular with drinkers of all ages (all over 18!).

So that we are not attractive to children, we do not advertise as Jelly or Jello Shots, but have coined the name ‘Gel Shots’. After 6 years of research and testing, at our factory we have replaced the messy time-consuming task of handmaking shots with an automated line; All the ingredients, including Premium Spirits and freshly produced Fruit Juices along with pure filtered water, are carefully measured and mixed before being packed by machine.

We also make Ready-Shots: Flavored Schnapps and Sambucas, infused flavored Vodkas and other shots. These are all pre-packed and ready to serve – no mess, no spill, quick to serve.

We will soon be distilling our own Vodka, Gin and other spirits – watch this space!

Featured Flavours

Storing shots

Gel Shots should be stored flat, away from direct sunlight.

Not Child Friendly

Keep Gel Shots away from children at all times.

Refrigerate shots

Always refrigerate Gel Shots for at least one hour before serving.

No Allergens

Gel Shots contain zero allergens.

Customers Reviews

We bought a box of each flavour for a family bbq party - the tastes are amazing and you can really taste the alcohol!
Sarah Costas
My favorite is the Tequila and Lime - I open them up and put a little salt on the rim of each shot and add a small slice of fresh lime - down the hatch!
Mike Porter
I think the Vodka Orange are the best, really fruity and you can tell it's quality vodka.
Paul Scott
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